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02:37 pm: Pump Up The Jam
I listened to the entire 23 servings of The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food with Professor Kelly D. Brownell. I thought I knew something about food before I started but I was wrong. The erudite and soft-spoken Kelly D. Brownell is a great lecturer. Even though the lectures have a strong U.S.-centric liberal slant Dr Brownell is well aware of this fact and takes pains to present a balanced picture(*).

I am now listening to Financial Markets with Professor Robert Shiller(**). I'm liking the lectures already because the professor has serious reservations about free market theories. The problem here is that the recorded volume is so low that I can't hear anything in a noisy place(***). The solution is to chuck these sound files into the venerable Audacity and hit Amplify with an enormous 10db (turn on allow clipping). I haven't heard any noticeable distortion and the results are clearly audible.

(*) Ultimately, and despite trying very hard, I think he fails to balance the political arguments. But any level headed listener can complete the picture.

(**) I hope that isn't a nominative determinism.

(***) Like a gym.

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