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10:49 am: This actually works well

Some things I have to write down in order to understand. I start with a pile of paper and draw the code-flow over and over again until it makes sense. I've never met a piece of software which can do this for me as well. As a result I end up with a few dozen pages with a lot of useful scribbles and notes. When I'm done scribbling and people like my ideas then it's time to code. I scan in all of the scribbles since they are useful references. I invert the colors of the images so that moving from the design-scribble to the code won't hurt my eyes and load all of the scribbles into Emacs buffers.

The result works surprisingly well with the exception that I can't annotate the scribbles from within Emacs.

From my handwriting you can see that I should probably have become a doctor.

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