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09:22 pm: Stuff.^H'
I wrote an Android client for a work project which speaks to a server via oauth. Then I wrote an Emacs client which does the same thing; guess which one was more fun to write?

Mike Patton singing Italian songs from the 60's? Why thank you. I don't mind if I do. I like "Deep Down" especially because it happens to be the theme song from the very last movie riffed by MST3K.

Stocks for the Long Run by Jeremy J. Siegel is a fascinating book practically overflowing with charts, graphs and tables of stock data. Of course everyone who has ever prepared a chart knows that the visual display of data is a tricky job.

I don't feel like livejournal is the right place for me to keep blogging. The only right choice seems to be self-hosting but I really can't be bothered with blogging software and the keeping thereof. I don't want anyone's "social" anything. I just can't wait for this fad to die.

My ideal blogging software would have a command line interface and would generate RSS from my posts.

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